These Boots Were Made for Walking

Clearly I’ve lost the plot, I still can’t get the boots out of my head. Here’s a close up on one pair, just for all of those of you equally touched when it comes to quirky hand made clothing;


I’m not sure why I can’t them out of my head (dodgy lyrics thick and fast today), as I said before even if they did do them in my humungous size I wouldn’t buy them, and if I did would be even less likely to wear them. They are totally impractical and unsuitable for rainy weather, and to keep them here would mean I was always too hot to wear them and they’d sit gathering dust.

Ok, justifications over but the real reason they’re still on my mind (though not always) is that I dreamt about them last night. I don’t dream a lot and when I do I get rather involved and wake up feeling how I did in the dream. This morning I woke up really very annoyed. The dream went something like this:

I’d bought a pair of the boots, and really liked them, loved them in fact, but was only aware of my purchase when this happened. Someone, who shall remain nameless and even referenceless because it will irritate husband to know (even though this was only a dream), came to visit and wore my boots. Again this is highly unlikely given that we are vastly different shoes sizes. But the person wore them. I was only aware of this when I saw said person wearing them, but to my horror they were ripped, torn, the beautiful embroidery destroyed and the fabric flapping like a sheet on the washing line. Person did not care, person saw nothing wrong in taking my possessions and destroying them. I woke up, very very annoyed.

This dream is a total mismash of events happening in my life, conversations with other crazy ladies married to Turks involving family and theft amongst much much more, the heat, and a spot of isolation sending me a tad warped.

It’s over a week since we returned from our travels now. No word on the Windmill. I am rather sad about this, more so than about the boots. Afterall a windmill is far more impressive and durable than a pair of highly impractical boots. Quick search does confirm one is a restaurant and one a private residence, but not sure if the person who did those up owns the whole lot. Still it doesn’t hurt to consider a wonderful 3 storey restoration project that would suck any available funds I have dry.

One way or another.. (and I hope to goodness you’re singing the original now and not the one my children need re-educating about).


About 5yearsmybrainhurtsalot

Once a stay at home mum in Ankara, now a working mum who makes regular lengthy trips to Mersin with my brood
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