Homeward Bound

Fabulous song, listening to it right now as I write this, so why don’t you too?


So today, as expected, has been full of packing and excited kids. Whereas bedtime has seen Fatso and Lai lai crying because they can’t understand why we aren’t going right this minute or worrying that they won’t wake up so get left behind. For me though it’s been a day of thinking of things I will and won’t miss.

Things I will miss;

  1. The scent of jasmine in the evening breeze
  2. Bougainvillaea scattered like confetti and rising in a rainbow of colour
  3. Oleander plants as big as trees and with the heady scent of pure honey
  4. The view of the sea
  5. The view of the remaining orange groves
  6. Visits to the yayla’s
  7. Visit’s to my son’s grave in the surprisingly serene graveyard
  8. Swimming in the pool
  9. Swimming in the sea
  10. The scent of a freshly picked lemons
  11. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner/tea each day outside
  12. Our occasional Sunday treat of brunch near Narlikuyu or Balik ekmek on a boat
  13. Big ripe juicy fruit that is almost impossible to eat without making a mess and more importantly tastes of what it should-peaches and watermelon specifically

Things I will not miss:

  1. Air conditioning
  2. Stifling heat and humidity combinations
  3. Weather forecasts promising rain that never comes
  4.  The 25, ever increasing, pool rules
  5. Being cooped up in a flat, not being able to let the kids play in the garden below alone.
  6. Having a local play park where the equipment is all broken and it’s too hot to play in most of the time any how
  7. Being downwind of a shameless man at the pool, who just as I sat down very clearly lifted a butt cheek and let rip, and proceeded to send delightful odours my way on a regular basis. This only happened today and only then did I understand why the loungers, that are normally always occupied, were available.
  8. Cheese pide, not because I dislike it but because it gets so dull after a while and the only takeaway options here are kebabs (proper-do not for a minute imagine the crap that gets classed as a kebab in the UK) or pide. So not great for a veggie like me.
  9. Crazy narrow mountain roads, and the vast number of lunatic drivers
  10. Various rather large insects that can hurt you, such as wasps, hornets a very large bee/wasp related creatures with dangly legs and a powerful sting

Considering that some regard me to be too much of a glass half empty sort of person, it’s pretty good that, without even trying, the positive list is longer than the negative. A few years ago this definitely would not have been the case, the first list would be lucky to have more than two items. So yay to me! I think it means I am finally making headway in readjusting my relationship with this country.

Our bags are almost packed, and the flight is at a horrible hour but before I go one more list of things I am looking forward to:

  1. Getting home safely
  2. Catching up with friends and family
  3. Being back in my house and sitting in my garden
  4. Walking or cycling to the park with the boys
  5. A take away that isn’t pide
  6. Walking along the canal to find the last few bobbies for Fatso
  7. The boys going back to school/starting school/nursery

So with all these things, plus windmills and bling boots, running through my mind as we start our journey home, I’m still dithering about whether this blog would fit while I’m back in Blighty. It just depends I suppose if the mood takes me. But if there is a gap for a while, I just hope it’s because we all got home safely and were madly busy until the next time we make the trek.


About 5yearsmybrainhurtsalot

Once a stay at home mum in Ankara, now a working mum who makes regular lengthy trips to Mersin with my brood
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