Holidays and Parenting Fails

Having a home we come to during the school summer holidays, people always think that I’m coming here on a long holiday. No matter how many times I say that I am still working, and that I have only taken two weeks annual leave, it still doesn’t seem to sink in. That is one of the big downsides to having a job with the flexibility to work from home. Even when based in the UK I have a boss that worries that I’m not getting things done but at the same time is so busy can be difficult to get hold off despite all the various ways he can get hold of me. I have my little cupboard office at the top of the stairs and try to hide myself away but still have to explain that I’m working and no I can’t just take a bit of time to hang the washing out, do the pots, hoover the lounge etc.

Unfortunately over in Mersin I don’t have a little cupboard, though we are working on that, lots of banging going on right now as we are renovating the guest toilet from a delightful alaTurka to a proper loo. I spent Saturday having a mega clear out of toys and books the boys have grown out of. But, inevitably, as soon as a toy is seen to be being removed it suddenly becomes flavour of the month, followed by tears and accusations that I am the worst mum ever for taking it away. The worst for this (despite me not being his mum) is Husband. I firmly believe that if I didn’t take a strong hand on clearing out junk he would happily become one of those who dies under the weight of their hoarded clutter when it finally collapses on them. Thankfully pregnant niece has willingly taken away much of the stuff I have just cleared out. I had had plans to have a sale but since Husband never bothered (for 2 years) to make some rudimentary poster for us to sell things, I have given up and just given away things that we could have made a bit of money on.

I am now finally, on annual leave. Hooray. I had got to the point where I really needed a break from work. Last year we embarked on the crazy road trip to visit friends dotted along the south coast. This year we’re a bit more strapped for cash, so are having a staycation. There is quite a bit that the boys haven’t seen this side of the country so hopefully we will get out of the house a bit to see it. I say hopefully because there are several things getting in the way. For a start the renovation. In typical Turkish style the promise of the tiles being delivered before Bayram didn’t happen and they came exactly a week after, just as my annual leave started. Luckily it’s not that hard to find bods to do the tiling at short notice so they’re here now and it should take only 3 days. But Husband of course, doesn’t want to go out while they’re here. It seems that where ever you are in the world there is a universal rule about builders/workmen, if you leave them to it they will inevitably think their way is better despite what you have told them and you will come back to an “Oh My God what did you do???” moment.

Yesterday, we had a lovely lazy day and went off to Tarsus after church. Bit of a stupid plan on my part as it turned out to be one of the hottest days so far, and each time we got out of the car it felt like entering an oven, or as Husband said and Hamam (Turkish bath).Tarsus does have some interesting things to see dotted about but it was just too hot. There is a beautiful waterfall in Tarsus where we finally got some respite from the heat, it’s surrounded by tea gardens and restaurants, and ‘manly’ men ignoring the don’t go in the water signs and tombing into the deeper pools. (When I say manly, it’s mostly in their heads their manliness, not really anything worth ogling at).

Since we weren’t interested in cheese toasties or MEAT (sorry can’t help but say meat that way as it dominates food here unless you’re poor and it’s home cooking), we drove back to Mersin to the small fisherman’s marina and sat on one of the little boat restaurants to have balik ekmek, a fish sandwich, with the cool sea breeze. There was one thing we treated ourselves to in Tarsus though, their ‘famous’ lemon ice-cream. It’s actually sorbet but has chunks of lemon rind in it and it is delicious.

Lovely lazy Sunday. Trouble is that a late lunch, back to the pool, and more laziness means that we can forget the kids seem to have clockwork bodies when it comes to food. Not being hungry I assumed the boys wouldn’t be either. Soon to be proved horribly wrong. After finally deciding that yes I should start to put something together for the boys, I see Fatso coming out of the bathroom, I hear Fatso say “Sorry mummy” then brandishing half a loaf of bread he proceeds to explain that he “broke off a bit too much bread”. Totally oblivious to the combination of what he has done, said, and appeared from, I’m floored at how this displays so many levels of wrong.

Big parenting fail.


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