It’s limescale John, but not as we know it

Cillit Bang! Bang and the dirt is gone. Ha. The world has gone dirt and germ mad, especially with those lovely Dettol ads which attempt to scare you rigid that all your surfaces are germ ridden death traps that will instantly kill all your children. Then come all the ads telling you that limescale is going to kill all your appliances and you must shove this powder into dishwashers and washing machines to save them, and make them last–like they don’t all have inbuilt obsolescence of around 2 years these days.

You can Cillit Bang! my backside. Honestly, if you think you have a problem with limescale you have clearly never been here. The water is so hard in Mersin it really should flow solid, if that were even physically possible. I’ve lived in quite a few different places but never like this. Here you don’t get water marks if you don’t dry things up immediately, it just calcifies. We don’t even live in this apartment year round but already taps and stuff have nice lumps of lime. And if you dare to use soap…no wonder everyone tends to use liquid soaps here.

I admit that I’m not the best at cleaning, and so by Turkish standards especially, my home is just a dive. But I also don’t want to get sucked into using all sorts of nasty chemicals to keep my taps shiny. There are eco products here but not always easy to come by, normally double the price, and seemingly limited to washing up liquid and all purpose cleaner. You can’t get white vinegar here but even so the level of lime in the water just makes it too much for vinegar alone to handle. I did try a nasty chemical once that promised to get rid of it and make things shine, but my taps suffered and are no longer the lovely chrome shiny things they once were.

If you think I am exaggerating, my kettle can be exhibit A. Lovely shiny new thing last year. Within a week it was caked in limescale. I’ve seen some caydanlik (stove kettle tea pot combos) where you can practically chip the stuff off with a knife. And earlier this week when we popped up to Doctor’s Place in the mountains Husband pulled a glass out of the river, not sure how long it had been there but it was now opaque because of a thick coat of lime.

I’m just surprised that they haven’t discovered caves with humungous stalactites around here, like the ones in Spain. There are a few inside the heaven and hell cave, but not really that impressive. There has to be some surely, given the amount of water which clearly flows through the mountains absorbing all this stuff.

Mind you, my inability to cope with the quantities of lime every drop of tap water brings is probably just me being crap. Today hasn’t been one of successes. The apple cinnamon muffins I was making to give the neighbours plate back with, have gone a tad pear shaped. I slipped with the cinnamon so they’re just a tad overspiced. Then they barely rose. They’re not that bad if you can take a big cinnamon hit. I will have to try another batch of something later, the plate has been with us some time now.

I have been promised a cleaner before we leave though. So she can make everything shiny and lovely again. I’ll be sure to clean before she comes though, because, you know, can’t have the cleaner thinking I’m dirty.


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Once a stay at home mum in Ankara, now a working mum who makes regular lengthy trips to Mersin with my brood
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