Advent Craft Idea(s)

Just thinking this morning that everyone is starting to get in the Christmas mood, so I thought it might be nice to share a couple of ideas for those of you feeling crafty with your kids.


You will need;

1 box (preferably a sturdy cube or oblong box open at one end-a cereal box is probably not suitable), some paper or card, paints, crayons, scissors, and lots of PVA (wood) glue, and optional are twigs and a bit of mud or dirt.

Turn the box on its side so that the open end opens like doors. Paint it all over so that it vaguely resembles a mud hut style village house or shed. Mark and cut 23 doors/windows of varying sizes and shapes and number them. Then  you can draw little Christmas related pictures, again 23, and stick them on the insides of the box over the windows. Then paint the doors and write on the number 24. Finally, place inside the box some nativity scene figures you may have, or make some out of card and arrange them inside. The twigs and mud can then be arranged and glued onto the top of the box to make it look more like an authentic village house/stable

This craft was inspired by an advent calendar my mum found for us when we were children. Each each year she carefully preserved it and I remember every Christmas eve being fascinated by the scene inside and really thought it was brilliant. I have never seen one since.

For a slightly simpler version

Instead of cutting out the doors/windows simply draw different sizes and shapes of windows and write the numbers in them. Then each day you and you kids can draw a picture to stick on a window. This is quite a good idea as it means that while you are drawing you discuss what you are drawing and it’s significance to Christmas. You could do all the pictures in one go and keep them somewhere safe, bringing one out each day to stick on.

An even simpler version

Get a big piece of card and draw a simple Christmas tree, or Santa and stick it on the wall. Then draw 24 small pictures, Christmas decorations or Christmassy related pictures. Decide together the order you’d like to put them on and number the pictures accordingly. Each day stick a picture on the large card picture

If you’re very artistic

This is inspired by Smelly’s advent calendar. Draw a stable and desert scene on a piece of card and pin to the wall. Draw and cut out 24 figures and animals from the nativity. Number them in order of importance to the nativity with Jesus being 24, Mary 23 and Joseph 22. Decide where on your scene each should go and write small numbers on both the scene and pieces. Each day place one on the calender until on Christmas eve you have the full nativity scene.


2 Responses to Advent Craft Idea(s)

  1. fay says:

    smeelys sounds just like JW, is it from a card company named after a bird so to speak

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