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Once a stay at home mum in Ankara, now a working mum who makes regular lengthy trips to Mersin with my brood

Waterfalls, rivers and a police checkpoint

My fellow, and more regular, Mersin blogger–Janey in Mersin, recently posted this video¬†advertising Mersin as a place to visit. The province itself is quite large and so some of these places are around 400km away from us. Many of them … Continue reading

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Que sera sera

There are times I wish I could be a bit more like Doris Day, but that would mean her carefully manicured studio image rather than the real lady. In fact, I think after events of yesterday I am far closer … Continue reading

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The Farmer and his farm

This is Hayrettin. He is M’s nephew and has recently bought a farm. Neither his nor M’s family ¬†come from farming backgrounds. He is learning this as he goes. Most people think he is mad. I think he is brave, … Continue reading

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The kepekli pig

We have quite a few animals in the site garden. Mostly cats, not pets but strays. People in the site leave out food for them but they are still a sad, scrawny, unspeyed bunch that continue to reproduce and increase … Continue reading

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You couldn’t make it up

I lived in Ankara for nearly six years give or take. In that time I was lucky enough to make a few friends, most of whom have since moved on. So basically there is very little to keep me returning. … Continue reading

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It’s the bombs that will bring us together

The Smiths are one of the few CDs that we have in Turkey so it becomes one of our rituals to play their greatest hits on our travels, with the boys attempting to understand Morrissey’s complex lyrics. So their song … Continue reading

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There’s a hole in my bucket

When I was a kid, my sister had an old fashioned portable turntable for vinyl records. The kind that is all retro and trendy now. Ours was boxy, faded red, and pretty old even then, but we loved it. We … Continue reading

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