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You couldn’t make it up

I lived in Ankara for nearly six years give or take. In that time I was lucky enough to make a few friends, most of whom have since moved on. So basically there is very little to keep me returning. … Continue reading

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It’s the bombs that will bring us together

The Smiths are one of the few CDs that we have in Turkey so it becomes one of our rituals to play their greatest hits on our travels, with the boys attempting to understand Morrissey’s complex lyrics. So their song … Continue reading

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Earthquakes and Thunderstorms

Last night proved to be rather eventful. After tipping out rather early to read, for once, by the time Husband came to bed there was rather a lot of crashing and banging going on. This time fortunately, not from him. … Continue reading

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Even snow’s not making it any better

A few months ago my friend posted on her blog that her daughter had spent quite a nice afternoon walking down Tunali Hilmi Cad, in upmarket Ankara, sprinkling glitter on the ground in an attempt to ‘make Ankara pretty’. As someone who dislikes Ankara, perhaps … Continue reading

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