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Waterfalls, rivers and a police checkpoint

My fellow, and more regular, Mersin blogger–Janey in Mersin, recently posted this video advertising Mersin as a place to visit. The province itself is quite large and so some of these places are around 400km away from us. Many of them … Continue reading

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It’s limescale John, but not as we know it

Cillit Bang! Bang and the dirt is gone. Ha. The world has gone dirt and germ mad, especially with those lovely Dettol ads which attempt to scare you rigid that all your surfaces are germ ridden death traps that will … Continue reading

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57, Fatso, and a bloody Guveç pot

57 views, I got 57 views! Woo hoo! Yes I am being a tad sarcastic based on how some people do post such odd milestones to show how popular they are. I, on the other hand, celebrate my invisibility. To … Continue reading

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The Offending Article

So here’s the thing. After our semi disastrous trip to Seyhan Baraj and Adana, the next day we packed up the car for a trip to the beach. Heading out towards Kizkalesi, as the beaches there are delightfully sandy with … Continue reading

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Often Overlooked II

To the west of Mersin is where most of the tourist areas, frequented by Turks from Konya and the more Eastern parts of central Anatolia or the less well off Anatolian Turks, lie. It’s west that we most often head … Continue reading

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Not so casual racism

While this is written at the same time as riots over in the US over the police killing of a young black man, it’s pretty much a coincidence as I’m not writing about that. A couple of weeks ago I … Continue reading

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Koran School, Fun Fairs, and Emptiness

Each day the boys have been off to a Koran school, which is run as part of a local kindergarten that they attended a couple of years ago in the spring. It was our attempt to give them more of … Continue reading

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