Christmas Wishlist….Santa Please

Since I got an e-mail from Brother this morning informing me of his children’s desires, and requesting to know mine, I was inspired to write my own–perhaps a touch unrealistic Christmas wish list here.

  1. A life, beyond the four walls of this flat
  2. A house with a garden which perpetually self cleans and has a place for everything and helps me control my messy tendencies
  3. Children who don’t wreck my stuff rather than playing with their own, and can manage to get the food in their mouths rather than all over the floor or their clothes
  4. A job, which is flexible, allowing me to take time off whenever, and for however long I wish too, so that I can take lengthy trips to the UK
  5. A return ticket to the UK which never runs out and I can use as many times as I like, and can include the children and sometimes Husband, which will always upgrade me to Business class whatever airline I choose to fly with.
  6. Direct flights from Ankara to East Midlands Airport, and airline directors to finally understand that while London maybe the centre of the universe for some, not everyone wants to go there or even has business there.
  7. A whole new wardrobe of clothes and shoes, including underwear, so that I can once again feel smart and presentable even in clothes that are for bumming around the home in.
  8. A store other than M+S with its 40% mark up, that sells stylish shoes for those of us less fortunate to have man’s sized feet, 42 european size. Oops, sorry I said stylish, so that rules out M+S then. Oh and add to that longer length trousers for taller women.
  9.  A SAFE local park within 5-10 minutes walking distance with equipment and areas for all ages from tots to teens, that local stray dogs and cats don’t use as the local toilet, people don’t come to drink beer in and smash their empty bottles anywhere except putting them in the bin.
  10. A child that refrains from biting, slapping, pinching or any other painful attack upon me.
  11. A decent school to send my children to that provides a good standard of education and doesn’t cost the earth, so that when we go back to the UK he’ll fit in without any bother.
  12. A husband and children who are capable of tidying up after themselves and not continually creating more mess and mayhem.
  13. A winning lottery ticket
  14. To pass my driving test but more importantly to have the confidence to drive in this city/country where they all turn instantly insane the minute they get behind the wheel and to follow the traffic rules is considered pure foolishness.
  15. To have a local council who has the sense to make road, and infrastructure, repairs during the summer months so that they can be completed when most people are out of the city-causing minimal disruption, do not have to be halted half way through because the ground begins to freeze. But also don’t put signs up declaring that they have done a job, which is so shitty and 5th rate that they should be ashamed rather than proud to declare it.
  16. An end to the sudden, unpublicized electricity and water cuts, which can leave you in the cold and dark with no idea of when exactly it’ll all come back on.
  17. Proctor and Gamble to produce and sell Fairy washing powder here, or at the very least a non biological washing powder other than Migros Baby which actually removes stains from clothes.
  18. To be able to get, even pay for, programmes on BBC iPlayer over here.
  19. A treadmill, or better yet the ability to get out of the house to do some exercise rather than sitting here watching my backside grow bigger by the minute writing this blog or on Facebook or other similar websites.
  20. The ability to take country walks without having to consider searing heat or below zero temperatures, in real countryside not fake forests with their rows upon rows of trees that are all the same, or manicured parks that are actually full of concrete, unsafe play equipment, everything has to be paid for, and masses of people.

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